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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bible Teachings 403

Hello There. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and Episode 3 of my mini Bible series "Bible Teachings".

Let's recap: Last time, you learned that Adam could maintain his perfection and continue living in the Garden of Eden forever provided he respected and obeyed God's laws or commands. Let's see how free will came into play.

Compared to today, Adam [and later Eve] really had no worries at all! Everything they could ever want or need was provided by Jehovah God completely free of charge (Genesis 1:28, 29*). They didn't have any neighbours, except the animals of course, so they could roam here, there and everywhere without coming across any "No Trespassing" signs or fear of being shot! All they had to do was stay away from just one tree that God identified as off limits in a garden of probably thousands of trees. All the trees belonged to God anyway, He put them there Himself, but this particular tree was His personal domain, His space so to speak. Eating from it would be an act of willful disobedience, with death being the punishment and would also show a total lack of appreciation for everything God had lovingly provided (Genesis 2:16, 17*). Adam and Eve perfectly understood this.
  Now one day, Eve was alone in the Garden. Here she sees a snake, not just any snake mind you, but a talking snake. You and I both know snakes don't talk! Eve knew this too. Rather than rush off quick smart to find her husband and alert him to this talking snake, she exercised her free will by listening to the snake, allowing it to entertain her! (Genesis 3:1-5*). Who was really behind the voice of this snake?
  Recall, long before God created Adam, he made the angels who live in the heavens (Genesis 1:1*). One of these angels became puffed up with pride, opposing God's authority and position. He craved attention for himself, wanting others to obey him instead of the true God, Jehovah. This angel we know today is Satan (Matthew 4:3; John 8:44*). Now, angels are powerful spirit persons and invisible to humans. So to have more of an impact then, Satan used one of his favourite traps - visual appeal - something he uses with much success, even today! Just think of how many times Eve had walked past the forbidden tree and never given it a second glance. But on this particular occasion, by using the talking snake to distract her, Satan got Eve to shift her focus to the forbidden tree. To find out what happened next, tune in for Episode 4!

*New World Translation Bible (2013) available to read/download free here

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