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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bible Teachings 404

Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and Episode 4 of my mini Bible series "Bible Teachings".

Let's recap: Last time, you learned about free will and how Satan used one of his favourite traps to entrap Eve. How so?

Remember, Jehovah God specifically told Adam he would die if he ate the forbidden fruit (Genesis 2:16, 17*). Eve was well aware of this command too (Genesis 3:2, 3*). Using the guise of a talking snake, Satan was able to completely deceive Eve by getting her first of all to listen to him, then shift her focus to the forbidden tree (Genesis 3:4, 5*). Visual appeal, perfect marketing strategy on Satan's part! Advertisers use the same ploy today to reel us in! Eve would have seen this tree many times before, but now, she started looking at it in a different way. The more she looked at it, the more she started desiring it, until her desire finally overcame her and she reached out and took the fruit from the tree! (James 1:13-15*).
  By his cunning, Satan was thus able to get Eve to exercise her free will and take something that didn't belong to her - the fruit from the forbidden tree. Remember, doing this would have been in direct opposition to God's original command not to eat it. So Eve actually stole the fruit from Jehovah God! Then to top it all off, she gave some of the fruit to Adam. He should have rejected it, but no, he exercised his own free will and ate too! So by using their freedom of choice, Adam and Eve did something bad, they stole from God. Adam and Eve directly and willfully disobeyed Jehovah. They sinned against Him. They rejected God's rulership and guidance - the same God who had given them everything, life, perfect bodies and minds and the best start possible in life. Satan had succeeded in turning them away from God. Just imagine how hurt God must have felt that his perfect creation had betrayed Him. And so sin and this aura of disobedience entered the world impacting us directly today. How? We as the human race all come from Adam. As his descendants, therefore, we've inherited Adam's imperfection, sin and the curse of death! More in Episode 5!

*New World Translation Bible (2013) available to read/download free here

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