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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A to Z Challenge | T is for TEA SET

Hello there.
Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess.
I'm taking part in the 2015 AtoZ Challenge - 26 posts on 26 days of April with Sundays off. My theme is "Things around my home". All photos are by me, Entrepreneurial Goddess. Find my other entries here...
Today's letter is: T for Tea Set
  Whether it's teabags or loose tea...I love tea...must be the British in me! Tea is meant to be sipped and savoured. Nothing beats a good, hot, steaming cuppa (cup of tea), especially in the afternoon with either a slice or two of fruit cake or some biscuits (cookies for those in the US).

There are many fancy, flavoured teas out there. Sometimes, the packaging is more fanciful and flavourful than the tea itself! For me, my favourite will always be PG Tips tea. It's tried, tested and hasn't really changed since I've been drinking it. You can go to practically any store in the UK and find it. Not so here in the US...I've never seen it in any grocery store where I live. I usually have to order it online. Prices can vary too so I tend to stock up especially when it's on sale. It's right about teatime now...I've put the kettle on and got my favourite tea set all ready and waiting to brew me some delicious tea. Cuppa anyone?

See you next time!


  1. This is one thing we don't have. A complete tea seat. Except for the plastic one our kids used years ago collecting dust in the garage.

    1. Hello Stephen.
      I have three more cups and saucers. I'm the only one who uses the set. My hubby will drink tea in a mug!
      Thanks for the visit.

  2. My hubby loves tea and we have a tea store in Niagara On The Lake with so many teas one can get lost in them

    1. Hello Birgit.
      My hubby loves tea too. If I ever get to visit that part of the county, I'd love to stop in to that tea store and sample some of those teas.
      Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  3. Tea has become very fashionable here in Australia with a number of specialty tea shops. I love trying all the different types of tea.

    Visiting from AtoZ

    1. Hello Anne.
      I love, love, love tea. I think tea shops are such fun. I can drink a hot cup of tea even on a sweltering day like today. I just find tea so refreshing. Sometimes, I'll make my own tea by pouring hot water over some lemon and ginger, let that steep then sweeten with a touch of honey and enjoy. The aroma alone just relaxes me.
      I appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Even though I play at being British, tea is the one thing I could never get a handle on. Always tastes more like hot water to me. Then I found a tea from Heath and Heather, blackcurrent. I was hooked. I really enjoy this tea.
    As for finding PG Tips in America. I see it at World Market all the time. Try shopping there if you have one near where you live. Or I've noticed a lot of big grocery stores have an 'International' aisle now. Give that a try too.

    1. Hello Jeffrey.
      Having spent some time over at your blog, I've come to realize you are indeed "British"! I'm not a fan of flavoured teas, but I do like Chamomile tea and also ginger tea, which is fast becoming my new favourite. I've not tried blackcurrant tea before. I do like blackcurrant jam so perhaps I'll give this one a try. There's no World Market near me, but I did find them online.
      Thanks for info & visits.