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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Religion 502

Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and my second mini series entitled "Religion".

Let's recap: In the last article, you learned religion originated in the time of Nimrod and the city of Babel [later known as Babylon]. You also learned that the people got scattered far and wide, taking with them their Babylonish beliefs and practices such as hellfire, immortality of the soul, idolatry and occult, some/all of which are prevalent in most religions today. With those facts in mind, let's discuss the next topic: Can religion be trusted?

Jesus provided a standard to help us view religion objectively. He said at Luke 6:44 [American Standard Version]: "Each tree is known by its own fruit." What does that mean? Have you ever stepped back and taken a good, hard look at your religion or a particular religion? What are its teachings and the result of said teachings? What emphasis does a particular religion place on money? Do its members stick to Bible principles on warfare and morals? Can you really trust your religion or any religion for that matter?
  I remember as a young girl going to church on Sunday, I always dreaded and resented collection time. The person in charge of the collection bag never moved on to the next pew until he'd made sure you'd dropped something into the bag! How many religions today pressure you into tithing and where does the money go? Notice what the Bible says at Matthew 10:8*: "You received free, give free." The message of the Bible is priceless and should be available at no charge to all who want it. To that end, contributions should be made voluntarily not under compulsion.
  What about war? Priests bless the troops to engage in warfare. Both sides pray for victory. Would it be fair for God to choose one side over the other? Of course not! God does not answer conflicting prayers. Notice what Jesus, the Prince of Peace, said at Matthew 26:52*: "All those who take up the sword will perish by the sword." and Mark 12:31 [King James Version]: "Love thy neighbour as thyself." Doesn't matter where your neighbour lives or what nationality or colour he is. The Bible principle at Exodus 20:13 [Byington] still applies today: "You shall not murder."
  Then there's the issue of morals. We live in an era of almost non-existent morals, a time where practically "anything goes" [sex, drugs, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, just to name a few]. Religion certainly does not exert a powerful moral influence in people's lives today. 2 Timothy 3:5* says: "...having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away." Would you trust your religious leader to give you Scriptural advice on how to live a morally clean life if he himself was living an unclean life that went against Bible principles? (1 Corinthians 6:9, 10*) God has feelings and how we conduct ourselves matters to Him. Amos 5:15* counsels us to love what God loves and hate what He hates.
  So, after all that's been mentioned, the question still remains, can you trust religion? Let's think back to Jesus for a minute. While he was on earth, what did he do? Not only did he feed and cure people, even raising them from the dead, but he also chose his disciples and gathered faithful followers while teaching them to live by God's standards, the true religion. John 8:31, 32* states: "If you remain in my word [teaching], you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." You may well ask truth about what and free from what? Truth about Jehovah God, His purposes for the earth by means of His Heavenly Kingdom [government] of which Jesus is King and how said truth can set you free from those Babylonish lies beliefs and practices so common amongst the world's religions today. Genuine followers of Christ still exist. You can recognize them and trust them by their fruits such as unity and love (Colossians 3:14*).

*New World Translation Bible (2013) available to read/download free here
**Image from Redbubble [modified]

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