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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and my third Bible series entitled "The Ten Plagues".

Let's recap: Pharaoh has refused to free God's people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt. Jehovah God has turned the waters of the Nile into blood and all the fish have died. Pharaoh has continued obstinate, refusing to listen to Moses and Aaron so God causes another plague to come upon Egypt.

Plague #2 (Exodus 8:5-14) - the plague of frogs.
Frogs came up out of the Nile River. They were everywhere - in people's beds, on the people, in the ovens, the baking pans - everywhere! When the frogs died, the Egyptians piled them up in huge heaps. Remember Egypt is a hot place so all those dead and decaying frogs would have been downright stinky!
  The frog, regarded as a symbol of fertility and the Egyptian concept of resurrection, was considered sacred to the frog-goddess Heqt. So the second plague of frogs would have brought disgrace to this particular goddess. Did this plague have any effect on Pharaoh's heart? See what happened with Plague #3!

*Image from "My Bible Story" Ch.32 [Watchtower & Bible Tract Society of PA]

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