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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and my third Bible series entitled "The Ten Plagues".

Let's recap: So far, Pharaoh has had to experience eight plagues, simply because he refuses to submit to God and free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Various Egyptian false gods and goddesses have all been put to shame and disgrace - unable to measure up to the might and power of the true God, Jehovah.

Plague #9 (Exodus 10:21-23) - plague of darkness.
For three days, there is a plague of darkness covering the land of Egypt. The darkness is so thick, you can feel it [perfect for all you horror movie lovers!]. But again, Jehovah was protecting His people - they all had light where they were living in Goshen!
  This ninth plague brought disgrace to the sun-gods like Ra and Horus, Sekhmet, the goddess who wore the solar disk, and also Thoth the moon-god. [You could say they literally had their lights put out!] Where was Pharaoh in all of these plagues? Sitting high and mighty on his throne of pride, even threatening to kill Moses and Aaron if they appeared before him again, but pride comes before a crash! (Exodus 10:28; Proverbs 16:18**) Nine plagues down...don't go too might miss the thrilling events of Plague #10!

*Image from "My Bible Story" Ch.32 [Watchtower & Bible Tract Society of PA]
**New World Translation Bible (2013) available to read/download free here

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