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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Off On My Tangent | Natural Curls 103

Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and the third post in my series entitled "Natural Curls!"

If you've read any of my previous hair tangents, you'll know I decided to "go back to my roots" and become one with my natural hair. Prior to this decision, I had been a "chemical slave" [aka addicted to hair crack] since my early teens. Sure, I had perfectly straight hair, it was easy to manage and I could do just about any style I wanted, but my hair was severely damaged, excessively dry and brittle from years of heat styling and relaxing [chemically straighten]. It had gotten so bad that I was seeing more of my hair in my comb and on the floor rather than on my head!!! So, I knew the time had come to make some necessary changes to my hair routine.

The decision to go natural was not an easy one for me, because it meant cutting off my hair. Now ladies, you know how we get all sensitive-like when it comes to our hair - whether it's natural, straight, curly, weave or just fake - we women have hair drama!!! I didn't have the nerve to cut all my hair off [big chop], so to avoid a complete meltdown, I let my relaxer grow out for about six months, but every time I washed my hair, I'd trim maybe an inch or so off until all the relaxer was gone.

I had been an "indoctrinated chemical slave" [addicted to chemical hair crack] for so long that I had forgotten how to take care of my natural hair [so sad!]. I read a bunch of natural hair blog posts and found a plethora of how-to videos on YouTube for twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knots, wash 'n' gos, shampoo, henna, indigo powder - oh my word, I had to Google some of the hair terminology, like TWA, BC, protective styling, pre-poo, co-wash, 4a/b/c/d, what the heck - I'm still not sure what my hair type is!!! For a newbie naturalista, it was just too much. I had tears, stress and information overload in abundance. I even considered going back to my relaxer [hair crack], but it was only a fleeting thought during one of my many hair meltdowns!
Two years on, I've finally figured out what products my hair likes and that's what I'll stick to until my hair says otherwise. I'm still somewhat of a mini "chemical slave" in that I do dye my hair occasionally - I'm not quite ready to embrace my impending grey-headedness just yet! So here I'm showing my recent twist out after roughly 3-1/2 days in twists [bottom two photos - yes, I had major shrinkage from when I co-washed, but that's part of the natural hair package and it's okay - I've learned to accept and even embrace shrinkage now!]. My hair was starting to get a little dry. My scalp was already pretty well-oiled from when I co-washed my hair earlier in the week, so I didn't need to do anything there. I just re-moisturized my hair with my water mix [not saturated, just lightly mist], added a little styling creme and re-twisted my hair for bed. My hair is shiny and healthy...I LOVE my natural curls!!!

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See you next time!

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