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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and the 41st post in my series entitled "Off On My Tangent!"

According to one search engine, there are approximately 4,200+ religions in the world and within each religion, there are thousands of different sects and spin-offs. That's an awful lot of contradictory advice! With so many religions to chose from, serious questions arise such as: If there is only one God, why are there so many religions claiming to be Christian; is it necessary to belong to a religious group and how does one identify which religion is the true religion?

Let's start with why there are so many religions. Jesus said it quite frankly at Mark 7:8*: "You let go of the commandment of God and cling to the tradition of men." So in trying to satisfy their inherent spiritual need, people have created many religions based on the traditions and ideas of humans rather than the teachings of God.

There were many religious orders in Jesus' day - e.g. The Pharisees were strict observers of the Law down to the minutest detail, priding themselves on being righteous overly self-righteous while looking down on the common people. (Luke 18:11,12) They loved money (Luke 16:14) and desired prominence/flattering titles, (Matthew 23:6, 7) much like religious leaders today! The Sadducees were made up of wealthy aristocrats and priests. They rejected many of the Pharisaic beliefs and they did not believe in the resurrection or in the existence of angels. (Acts 23:8) Both these groups were religiously divided, but they were united in their bitter opposition of Jesus.

Jesus always spoke and lived the truth (John 14:6), do you think he accepted any of these religious groups and their traditions? Absolutely not! He called them "hypocrites", (Matthew 15:7) "fools & blind guides", (Matthew 15:14; 23:17) "serpents & offspring of vipers". (Matthew 23:33) Now I don't know about you, but that hardly sounds like approval to me! The Bible foretold that after the apostles died, wrong teachings and man-made traditions would slowly come into the Christian congregation. Men would draw away believers to follow them instead of Christ. (Matthew 7:15, 21-23; Acts 20:29, 30) That's why there are so many religious denominations claiming to be Christian. So if Jesus didn't recognize other religions, is it really necessary to belong to a particular religious group? Stay tuned for the next article.

*New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures available to read/download free here

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