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Friday, February 13, 2015

A DASH OF ENTREPRENEURIAL #15 | Natural Curls 102

Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and the second post in my series entitled "Natural Curls".

I just had a long day going through the rigmarole involved with washing my naturally curly hair and then when it came time to moisturize - guess what? I didn't have any moisturizer! How is that even possible for someone who always buys two of everything for just this kind of scenario? What was I to do? My hair was already taking on a life of its own and hair panic was starting to set in.

Then one of my many light bulbs went off...why not just make your own? Well, with unruly hair and no time to be melting oils and shea butter etc, I decided to go back to basics and use one of my very first tried and tested recipes. Thankfully, I always have a good supply of Shea Butter/Coconut Oil on hand. Using those two ingredients as a base, I added a hint of this and a dash of that and in about thirty minutes, I had the fluffiest, creamiest hair soufflé that even rivals the store brand I usually use! Even I'm impressed with the speed and ease of this concoction! In the future though, I'm going to tweak this recipe somewhat for use on the body [it's a bit too greasy for skin, but is perfect for my hair]. Of course, now that hair calm has been restored, I can share the recipe with you. It's as easy as one, two, three and there's no melting involved! Let me show you how I made it. View the photo tutorial from My Kitchen to yours here.
***29th April 2015 UPDATE: If there's too much heat in your house, this mixture will not stay whipped [due to coconut oil]. If your mixture turns into a gloppy mess, just refrigerate again then re-whip. Should not damage product in any way. In the future, I'm going to reformulate this recipe and perhaps add some beeswax to keep it in whipped form for longer. Another update will follow soon.***

See you next time!


  1. Haha Hi Barbara - I have a lot of faith in the Lord, and some of your posts look really interesting and inspiring, but I also have naturally curly hair with a mind of its own so it was this post and the hope for a curly hair cure that I read first. Oh, the vanity!!! ;)

    Lord help us both! I'm heading back to read some of your faith based material now!

    1. Hello Strahlen.
      Ahh...a curly girl like myself...then you well know the hair drama we ladies have...bad hair=bad day, good hair=good day! (lol)

      I have very strong beliefs when it comes to religion. There are many religions out there all with differing customs and teachings. For example, many of the religious customs today are either manmade traditions or of pagan origin like Easter (Matthew 15:3, 6; Colossians 2:8). One religion might agree with another on some doctrines and then disagree on others. Here's something to honestly consider: In order to identify which religion is right therefore, it must base not just some, but all of its teachings on the Bible, since that is God's Word. At Ephesians 4:5, 6, Paul (under inspiration) wrote there is only "one Lord" and "one faith". Jesus himself only preached one religion. He said his true disciples would be recognized by their works and the identifying mark of love amongst themselves (Matthew 7:13-23; John 8:31, 32; 13:34, 35). So you see, there can only be one true religion and I sincerely believe I have found it.
      Thank you for visiting. I hope you will return again sometime to research my Bible Teaching Series. I encourage you to use your own copy of the Bible to look up the scriptures. That way, you will see my reasonings are not my own, but based on what the Bible actually says.


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