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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bible Teachings 401

Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and Episode 1 of my new mini Bible series "Bible Teachings".

I want you to take a close look at this picture. Study it for a few minutes. What do you see? Have you ever wondered why we're not living in such conditions today? Why we never stay young and fresh-faced, why we get sick, age, wither and eventually die?

As humans, we were not meant to die. Consider this: The first man, Adam, was created perfect. He lived in a beautiful garden, a perfect paradise called the Garden of Eden. He had an abundance of fresh and healthy food to eat, plus he had the prospect of living forever in this beautiful Garden with his wife, Eve. They were to have lots of perfect children so their offspring could fill the earth. Adam didn't have to worry about how he was going to make his next mortgage payment or how to pay off those high interest credit cards, such things didn't even exist in his day! Life was very good for Adam. (Genesis 1:26-29; 2:7-17 NWT*) So you might ask yourself what happened? Well, with one selfish act, he threw it all away! Exactly how and why? I invite you to tune in for Episode 2!

*New World Translation Bible (2013) available to read/download free here

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  1. Pretty painting! I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    1. Hello Sherry. I can't take the credit for this painting, I have no skills in that department! I found it on Wikimedia (Creative Commons), but it perfectly reflected the point I was trying to get across in this post. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It's much appreciated.


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