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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hello there. Welcome to Entrepreneurial Goddess and my third Bible series entitled "The Ten Plagues".

Let's recap: Jehovah God has so far caused six plagues on the land of Egypt. Pharaoh continues to disregard God's commands to free His people from slavery. All of the Egyptian magic-practicing priests, false gods and goddesses have proved powerless to stop the plagues.

Plague #7 (Exodus 9:22-26) - plague of hail.
Apparently, after enduring six plagues, some of the Egyptians, including Pharaoh's own servants, are starting to fear the Word of Jehovah God and they have taken to heart His warning to bring all the animals and servants under shelter. Others though do not believe God's word and leave their animals and servants in the field. Well, Jehovah God sent thunder, hail and lightning from the sky. It came down on man, beast and all the vegetation in the land of Egypt, even "shattering all the trees of the field." Nothing outside escaped this torrent. It was the worst hailstorm Egypt had ever had! And yet, in the land of Goshen where God's people were dwelling, there was no hail!
  This plague put to shame the gods Shu and Tefnut who were considered to have control over the natural elements. Reshpu was believed to control lightning and Thoth was said to have power over the rain and thunder. [The true God Jehovah showed those false gods a thing or two!] Still Pharaoh remained obstinate. His heart was truly hardened. Let's see what happened next with Plague #8!

*Image from "My Bible Story" Ch.32 [Watchtower & Bible Tract Society of PA]

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